The way we work with you
5 Quick Steps

Step - 1 Discovery

Have a short discovery call with you (Schedule a call) in order to understand if we can make the difference for you.

Step - 2 Awareness

If there’s mutual interest in working together, a standard Mutual NDA will be put in place to allow the sharing of tech and biz data.

Step - 3 Tech

This often leads to having a “Deep Tech” call/Zoom with you and your tech staff, together with our engineers.

Step - 4 Biz

Finalize with a “Deep Biz” call/Zoom session to get clear on the core of your business, possibilities and goals.

Step - 5 Closing

We present a business model and close the deal with you to break into the US market.


With more than 30 years of global business experience in Media & Broadcast innovation, we have the proven track record and industry connections to breakthrough into the US market. We deal directly with executive decision makers in the media market. 

Having offices in New York ensures that we’re perfectly positioned to work with companies like yours, from outside the US, break into the US media market.  

"Work like a technician - Think like an artist..."

"The value of your company depends on its capability to create its future"


Companies start talking with us when they have a product, (or sometimes just an idea) that’s innovative and unique, and they’re ready to expand into the U.S. Any stage, any size.

Generally, yes. That being said, many of the companies we’re working with are making strategic plans and want to keep things confidential.

No company has been able to scale in the media market without addressing the US. If you look at any successful tech media company, they have at least 50% of their revenue in the US, meaning if you do not address US market, you leave a lot of money on the table.

We can help you to get investment funding, by building a stronger revenue stream and also guide you with all the steps that will bring investment.

The first step is to book a short discovery call with us (Schedule a call) where you can share your goals and needs and we’ll determine if there is a fit. Here’s a bit more detail – The Way we work with you

That’s a good question, the budget you need to start with depends on what you wish to do and the way you decide to start activities in the US market. Companies often thinks the success depends only on the size/amount of your budget, wrong way of thinking! You do need minimal budget to operate anywhere in the world, however, your success is definitely not measured by the amount of dollars you put on the market, but on the quality of your technology and message you unveil to the US market

Yes, our legacy and achievements are solid in other parts of the world (EMEA, APAC…) and we can definitely help you there, too. The US market is generally the main focus – it’s often the most challenging market for a company to get into.

Great question! Yes! Our expertise was gained by working in the Media and Broadcast Technology, however, changes happen extremely fast and what was considered purely media not too long ago, has transformed into IT and data today.